TrueSPAC Gold

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TrueSPAC Gold is but one of three mining related tokens, out of six TrueSPAC tokens. TrueSPAC Diamond (tDMD), TrueSPAC Mining & Mineral (tMNG) are the other two mining related tokens.

The three non mining tokens are TrueSPAC Investment (iSPAC), TrueSPAC Smart Contracts (TSPAC), TrueSPAC Payments (SPACp).

Our Partners

Tawfiki Finance LLC, signed an agreement with Soledad Mining Inc., in respect to Gold mining operations in Guyana, which would see TrueSPAC Investment (iSPAC) Securities token conduct an Securities Token Offering (STO), for expansion of existing Gold mining operations in Guyana.


Rodger McKenzie Founder/CEO/CTO, Tawfiki Energy Blockchain, Software Architect, DeFi Architect, Gen3REN Inventor

Rodger McKenzie

Tawfiki Finance
Tawfiki Energy

Software Architect, DeFi Architect, Innovator in Austrian style Cryptoeconomics 3.0 & Tokenomics 3.0, Finalist in Government of Jamaica (GOJ) National Innovations Awards in Science & Technology (NCST), Scientific Research Council (SRC) Innovations Awards 2014, 2016, 2018, Top 6 finalist in the International Development Bank (IDB) Caribbean Pivot Moon Shot Event 2020, Former Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) US Marine.

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Claus Skaaning. Senior STO Blockchain Advisor. CEO DigiShares

Claus Skaaning

Senior STO Blockchain Advisor

PhD Computer Science within AI. Author of 7 international patents within AI. Serial entrepreneur with one successful exit in the AI space. Mentor and advisor for many university startups. CEO of blockchain and tokenization company DigiShares since 2018.

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Gold Mining Advisor - Soledad Mining Inc.

Captain Paul Ronald Reece Soledad Mining

Captain Paul Ronald Reece

Founder, Soledad Mining Inc.

He is the Founder and CEO of Fly Jamaica Airways, a regional airline which operated flights from 2013 to 2019.Captain Reece is also the founder and CEO of Wings Aviation Ltd. a company based in Guyana which operates a Cessna Gran Caravan which is used to service the mining industry in the interior of Guyana.

Captain Reece has been active in mining in Guyana since he was a young man, and in fact, his entire aviation career including his aviation assets were all financed by his tremendous success in the mining industry in Guyana.

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Captain David Stuart Cameron Soledad Mining

Captain David Stuart Cameron

Co-Founder, Soledad Mining Inc.

Captain Cameron has been a licensed pilot since 1971, and has flown in the interior of Guyana since 1971, as a freelance pilot initially and then with Guyana Airways Corporation and then he co-founded Wings Aviation Ltd. with Captain Reece in 1984. Captain Cameron has a vast knowledge of all the mining areas in Guyana and has been actively involved in gold and diamond mining since 1975 to present.

Both Captain Reece and Captain Cameron were actively involved in small scale mining for years, but formed Soledad Mining Inc. with Mr. Earl Chapman in order to take the next leap forward in medium-scale mining.

Earl Chapman Soledad Mining

Mr. Earl Chapman

Director, Soledad Mining Inc.

Earl Chapman , will be our main business development director, worldwide. He has spent 25 years developing his sales and marketing skills while working for organizations such as Bell Canada, Lucent Technologies and Tucows—as well as his own companies Green Club Inc. and E. Chapman Group Inc. While at Bell Canada, Mr. Chapman built from zero and managed $55 million of Internet Service Providers network Infrastructure, growing it to $77 million in 1998.

As an International Director of Channel Sales at Tucows, Mr. Chapman built an ICANN accredited Registrar single-handedly by recruiting 1,500 resellers to retail domains for the .com, .net and .org TLDs. Earl hired and trained daily, a staff of ten sales representatives who helped grow Tucows' revenue from $0 to $21 million USD in just six months from January 2000 to June 2000.