TrueSPAC Gold

TrueSPAC Digital Gold, Physical Gold,
Gold NFT.

Buy - Swap - Stake - Vault - Sell

TrueSPAC Gold (tGLD) digital tokens can be used as a Cryptocurrency or NFT, while having the potential upside of Bitcoin.

Wallet, Crypto Gold Debit Card

DeFi Wallet, Crypto Debit card, supporting multiple Real World Use Case (RWUC) coins & tokens, Crypto Debit card will allow for tGLD digital tokens to be converted to fiat currency in 200+ countries.

TrueSPAC Gold TrueSPAC DeFi wallet Tawfiki Finance

Real World Use Case


Centralized, and Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi), Purchase TrueSPAC Gold tokens by Credit Card*, or Swap selected Cryptocurrencies for tGLD tokens.

Staking Rewards, Liquidity Pools, Forward Contract

Fixed High Yield Staking Rewards, Liquidity Pools, Commodity Forward Contracts by way of tGLD Exchange (tGLDx).

Ship or Vault

Gold storage account registered with Bullion Vault. Option of direct shipping, or storage of physical Gold, or secure your own bullion Gold storage company account.

Asset Gold Tokenization

Tokenize assets pegged to the physical price of Gold, or pegged to its Commodity Forward Contract, without putting physical asset at risk of liquidation, or sale of such physical assets.

Road Map & Milestones

2020 Q1
Product Design.
2021 Q3
Secured Agreement with Soledad Mining Inc.
2021 Q4
Secured Strategic Technology Providers.
2022 Q2
Mint Liquidity Tokens.
2022 Q2
Team KYC & Token Audit.
2022 Q3
Website & White Paper Launch.
2023 Q2
Launch Crypto Gold Debit Card.
2023 Q2
CEX Token Listing.
2023 Q2
Launch TrueSPAC Crypto Wallet.
2023 Q2
Mint Physical Gold Bullion Coins & Bars.
2023 Q4
Launch tGLD Exchange.

Technology Providers

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